Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Rooster not soft when removing cox

An open letter to Bruce and DJ
Except for you
I would never have worked
Microsoft word 2001
sitting on my computer for
a long time not abused
just not connected to me
in 2015
my father told me son
if you can not say something
do not speak like the sun
because under its glare
you are no one
I am an optimist
at heart and while I acknowledge
everyone has a dark part
I know all people born on

not just knowing proof
that on this planat
all participants are given
a good heart

Love the great hearts and the brave hearts
and people like Rooster are making profits
by making human nature extinct
by tapping into the lizard brain
in our DNA
or worse
the new GMO foods
they feed us to make
us buy again
a monopoly
on everything

So if your still reading I respect you
if your not that ship had sailed anyway
and with all due respect
as you may have noticed
I do not care anymore

I realize your not plotting to take over the world
like me
and working in a call center was a key piece of the
data stream
that I could not get over
the internet
and I had to walk the halls
as well
with my sign in card
and my WIG things
like Tony Robbins
was a big thing
in the master plan
and I had to carry his
water until a beautiful
ROOSTER gave birth
in a contrarion way
and the founder would
founder looking at
a huge girths and inches
more than any women could\
but still as they have a great
they will plow forward
looking for the perfect

You can not hide behind

If your oblivios to the truth
and sitting in shade
look at history
muther fucking
and say one time
or too
I will never let the Grey
Zone over come me 
with its fumes of desperation
and fear
cause that is a path that
leads us to the ovens

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