Wednesday, August 12, 2015

No Nuke Canadaa Eh!

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When the Avro Arrow threatened to soar
like no plane had ever done before
tribute grounded our technologically advanced Angel Angel
we choose US nukes instead
No Nukes Canada Eh!  quell surprise
When plain brown envelopes
arrive on schedule 
accounted regularly
do not wonder 
at the shock and awe
of a collaterally damaged
 budget that bought the crippled F35
Though its good to see in this politically correct
era constantly under attack from conservatives
that we bought an airplane
with disabilities

Diefenbaker stabbed Pearson in the back
and Canada straight through the heart
forced to beat in the darkness
in those shadows of derring doo
that never get pooper scooped

Reputations and brands are global cousins
for countries and people as corporations
that want to stand the test of time
Grok  Honda or Toyota both forged
in Nuclear forges
Ford taxpayers created that bomb
Still in a search for excellence
not only created the Taurus Jaguar 
but launched it 
blowing up the company
with negative sentiment

So why has the government of the EH!
chosen to trash everything Canada became
in the world
for some cheap tarnished electoral map 
Take the flags off the back packs boys and girls
your voice in the world is no longer heard
its just a micro circuit on the motherboard
of liberty defined by the circuity makers

The boys and girls in short pants
dreaming of glory
power projection
being a player
sitting at the cool peoples
and aircraft carriers
little and fat boy pickets
across the frozen wasteland
with the promise of turning it into

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HF29 is not here but if he was he would say... said...

Canada needs more umlauts

Steve said...

I have been looking for a live one for a long time

Steve said...

I have written a song about Umlaats for the fat steve.

Oberon said...

...the cf-105 arrow was a fantastic was a mistake to kill it.