Friday, August 28, 2015

Jones Spaceman cant shake the pvc

Jones , Jones, Jones, Kirk Jones Spaceman he joked
with the press
looking resplendent
even with helmet on
basically swathed in
sweaty pve short pvc
because that molecule chain
do not make or take
no sweat
it truly neutrals;
a PVC plastics
when there is
no atmospheres
that future is a place
that Jones Spaceman has
seen and he had come back
in time to push us around
and  being a creature of the fourth extinction
who did lightspeed travel
he was less than sixty years
all the time on plus g planets
had left him
big and strong
and the tan of
distant suns had left
his skin like some kind
of nut
that matched
his helmeted intelligence e
but he would not take
off the suit
do devoted he was
to the brand
of orange underwear
that were body fattening
mission critical gear
cause in outer splace
things that would only
be gas at home
will kill you
thats why Jones Spaceman
wore his suit full time

Down on Bay Street
he was a sensation
with his gold and
perfect PVC made
from Dandelions
on the front lawns
of everybody
ring the alarm
and stop making
sense somewhere
someplace sometime
something is going to attack
us bad and take the pvc
Invaders what us to wear
natural fabrics
some hemp
some corn
some kimchie
 baked in the
radioactive earth
surrounding Fuckashima

Jones entreated orbit
at close to the speed of lithe
it took superhuman reflexes
to slow down before his light flamed out
and not even orange PVC
could survive
the transition from space
and earths atmosphere
were at light speed
your a burnt spot
amongst the infatismiale
who forgot
realativy always
works that way

Spaceman Jones
was quite a sensation
and he did
so much good
raised all the capital
to create this time
from which O 
type  on a keyboard
old school type
because Jones Spaceman
born a million years
before Orwell
cam back in time
and quickly concluded
this ife as alluded
is on a a short fuse
fuck the people of this
planet are led by major
fuck up, who have never
been a mother or
crapped in their own
bed and then bragged
about good shit
oh man Joes Spaceman
with that suit on
he will never get a tan
but who wants to see
a billion year old necked 

sine gawkers and
delivery man aside from that
the curious
and while Jones
was not self conscious
all that time in space
had created quite a bit
of belly fat
to say nothing of
his annoying habit
of quotient the Trailer Park
boys when through the PVC
he wanted to pee
Opening the crotch valve
for some usage
that the designer
scored on big time
Jones Spaceman ws
forever grateful
for the great evacuation
systems fully employed

They had him moving freshwater
ice bergs today
some of that water
older than he
Jones Spaceman
the astronaut
for a billion contraries
come back to good
old earth
with a gleam
in his eye
behind the clear
of Moon Plastic

Moving ICe bergs
paid surprisingly well
and Jones Spaceman
was living large
still alone in
his pod
no HAL
to come home

Jones Spaceman took
pleasure in playing the
stock market like a banjo
and giving away the music
with every Peter Townsend
circling arc strum of a guitar
cause that how Jones Spacemen
felt every time he walked
the cement
because he knew for every kilometer
of advanced mankind infrastructure
he  cons trucked another to the power
of 100 was being constructed by nature
left alone'

Jones Spaceman was
politically naive
in his homeland
he would have  been
considered conservative
a place at the table
that does not exist today
So when not dropping ICE Bergs
on dessert
he pushed political discussion
on his blog
dressed in Orange
real Orange not the
NDP kind

Jones Spaceman
never thought he would
be a hero
but when he landed
back on earth
cira 2015
cycle six
he felt
a little a home
and decided
to pulll his
]weight and drank
the primates
until there was
no oil based PVC
at which to stare
and cow farts where
the greatest threat to the
and as far a I know
they still kill cows
and eat them
even if my suit is
made of PVC

i still appreciate leather

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Steve said...

I feel this is my best matter nothing dark