Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hunting the thought, Jew

when when when does politics become a crime
and worse than that for the body politic
another institution
that can be ran over
like a bobcat in the rain
hit on the plain by
a six wheel drive

I grew up in a perfect world
never knew about the pain
everything was rosy
and no thorns
grew on me

this experience fueled in
me a great rise
which I rode
like a great wave
until I missed a curl
and asked for something
and then my world crashed
and I realized just how
unusual my life
was before

Life is slavery
just like a cow
except most society
will not slaughter you
they put you in a window
seat and pretend
your dead
and life will
kill you like
that with cancer
high blood pressure
or a heart attack

Do you ever
know those sneakers
do not fit your foot
as well as moccasins
made by the tribe
not some import from Mexico
made by slave labour
no something the collective made
to make sure when
you walked the world
the thistles did not penetrate
your sole

Soulless monsters we now are
walking this planet
devoid of reason or leadership
confined to tribes
seeking power to rule\
the world with out knowing
the end prize
is loneliness
and no one
giving you the rules
in a knife fight]
because the blade
will never come
right between
your eyes

No matter how great you
and how many rivers
of tears a nation
grieves for you
you know what man or
you will have to something
human incredibly remarkable to
be remerged
six seconds later

Like Hitler every one members
histories asshole forever
human shit anatomy we
can never find
an enema
to unplug

I challenge you to rambler
everything you learned in schoo;
and to think
is there anyone
who wants to rule you
that reminds you of
Hitler today?

I gotta preface this next comment
by I love the Juice
no that was wrong
I love the Jews.

Without the Jews
there would never
have been Sienfield
and if that was not enough
almost anything that makes
you laugh or puts non chemical
solutions in your pool
was brought to you by
a full fleged blood tested
although they may have
squiremed at the concept

I hate the Jews and it
is not a simple reason
they were the ones
that as far as my
History major
of great import
from THE  university
of Western Ontario
says I am certified
to bad for you
if you never had
my experience

Back to my Jew
hating ways
I hate them so much
I think I do not know
what I say
blood like Donald
flows from my eyes

The number one reason I hate the JEWS
is that I was not born rich or beautiful
What is my fixation upon the people
west of the west bank
you ask me steve

My basic instinct is to say
its a lot of sand
in fact its a fucking
desert and I can not
believe we are in
this temporal state
of nonsend
fighting over
something that
is not useful
to either party

Some one some where
has pinged me on my
crepitates as a jEW

Of course I hate them
for leaving us behind
in the wisdom of
we can not trust
the gentile with this

Its all written in the first testament
if which you believe
whole hearty
makes you Jewish

and cock all over
America say no way

What I am really trying
desperately to say to
anyone who reads
this message

I will take the waterboard gladly to 
say truthfully the Jews built our
modern society and not to the man
or women directed what we say
about Jews or each other
humans can be human
when words do not 
hurt eachother
without soothing worss
ir touches 
for each other


Oberon said...

...i was worried about this one for a minute...but after reading it's not what it seems to be at first glance.

Steve said...

I love everyone but if there is a God, he is well represented in general by the Jewish People.