Sunday, August 23, 2015

Human Sex in frefall

No we are not in outer space
just part of the science fiction future
we live in today

Sex has always had a penalty
that we all pay for in education and
or to a doctor

and today this may disappear
sex free for everyone
and no chance of
Fuchsias Fukushima
that's an allure
that will create
new worlds

but do not be afraid
our Euro friends
have navigated these
forests  for hundreds
of years

but with a lot more
comes the risk
of exponential heartbreak
and I do not want to set the
but our German cousins
do not have a Kempler pfk
in the bedroom

Not taking into consideration Westworld
and believe me 
many men will ride
those plains
and for women
its Hiroshima and Nagasaki
just because we built
that way
and the first place
robotic love got 
a lifeline
was Japan
you can condem them
for working the problem
but with technology
and human
minds the dearth
of birth updates
to the human condition
will not go away

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