Thursday, August 13, 2015

Happy Birthday New Lucky Country. It used to be Austrailia but the water went away. Now its all about leadership.

Singapore Girl always going somewhere
well at home you are carefully
logistically logically metaphysically
 throwing the bathtub
off the balcony of your
world class
Singapore Style
 public housing 
cause its not perfect to your taste
some may call that extravagance
as the lease lasts less than a century
but for sure that flat
will be worth millions in a short while
lets thank the last Emperor
the Gia  world wishes it had
of course I disagree 
with him abooot a few things
but what man has wrought in a swamp
using only will, intellect
and geographic location
should make the world snap to attention
never discount a good determined man
with a plan
if the world can be saved
by driving cars whose sticker price
starts in six figures
we got a winner
I sincerely feel that way
about Singapore

This is me at Newtons Circus or Newton Circle one of the two

Singapore at 50, more history in 50 years than most countries in 500.