Sunday, August 9, 2015

Cow based economy, because thats where we are headed with the idiots in charge

Imagine an economy based upon
cows instead of gold
because a cow gives
you nourishment everyday
and a feast on retirement
while gold just weighs \
you down doubling
down for
for disaster
or spending capital
on worry
which is even to the\
best practioners
a out of control

Lets pull the plug
on the reality distortion field
before it leaves the world
starving and poor
we humans have simple minds
and flashy image over time
diluted our simple minds
do not forget to eat
or shower
or there could be
a big stink
one is for a limited time
and can be corrected
but the second choice
is forever

I love milk from
healthy teats
and that is because
I was born
so do not take
away my nourishment
with vitamin porn

The world today is
nothing but confusion
and conflicting stories
most of which IMHO
are not true
and so it goes
and so it goes
but Fuck Kurt Vonugunt
we have all the information
in the world
yet a big minority
choose to use it
to declare
I am as stupid as
I want to be
and thats my right
and if I get enough
similar members
I can make stupidity
a civil right

Maslovs needs
was as accurate as we
need to be as a society
so lets just give the fish
a smile for a while
and the crops will
come in and the
workers covered
in sweat and pollen
will celebrate the harvest
knowing they did the
big part

The world my friend is hanging
by a human thread
can we darn
fast enough
to fill in the
centuries of
holes in our
walking socks?

Coming back to cow
in a state broken
and with no hope
its a Cadillac or
a rare Ferrari
of hope
and the owner
can declare
local pope.

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