Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bumping into Vada

Mythical Age  Muse Vada
Vada real Vada especially
she is not my girl
but you have to love the name

all the same
it describes her
Which is not hard or easy
cause she cant help
being more
beautiful than anything
but always looking
like everything
you want to see
is a person
totally true
behind and in front

of the girl
is real

Vada Real Vada
shes no fake
if she was a meat
she'd be top steak
If she was a boat
it would always float
If she was a plane
she would fly real high
if she was a horizon
there would be no nadir
if she was the weather
you wouldn't need radar
Common Vada
Comon Vada
bring real Vada
only thing for
the world  that can save 
only thing for the world
to save us (chours)

Vada and Real Vada
I will take that
and be happy
with a destination
were both peoples exist
in this time and space
chronology places
different sides
in alternate
with no chance of collisions
pushing dark matter
Small gestures mean a lot
in this great big world

some actions are legendary
and Vada's acts of kindness
make her a star
in pre ignition
something bright
that could change
the darkness
promising perpetual dark night
on our electric


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