Sunday, August 30, 2015

Breaking News Jones Spacman loses everhing

Jim Cramer called it the biggest loss
since yesterday
and everyone is kinda sad
but Jones Spaceman
it turned out was not 
one of us;
conspiracy theorists blamed
the head of Space Lizard Intelligence
Sine Gawkers was the last word
Jones Spaceman attempted to trademark
through a really human realationship
with a lawyer named 29
I dont know if he needs the busines
but if you got failed dialthim crystals
or any other kind of life changing]
he is the best
the best the best lawyer in the 
world his only fault is he
does not work for everyone
membership has its privialages
and to be part of his crew
is all Ray Donavan
without the violence
beflive me

Some clarity called for here
niether Jones Space man
has any employment record at Tim Hortons
its jus as metaphor He really hated working at Tim Hortons
and with his advanced engineering degrees
thought he could communicate real
good but his frequencies were \
constantly messed
up because he believed
so he got a job at a center
no freaks or fantasy denied
its what he liked 
the ability to breath
without needing the suit

His job was clear
to help idiots
get clear
like Scientology ruled the world
and they wanted every nickel
to keep you satisfied in your cocoon
because out side the door
the gunfire had become a bore
crazy people were going to get
that's why the couch hd
been recovered in Kevlar
and she had  bought
a special level 
of police

Quite a comedown for Jones
Spaceman who had spent
decades in the old galaxy
keeping the earth safe
from all the reptiles and insects
that controlled the big sound

Still he was happy to eat real meat
and and vegetables
image people still growing
and harvesting things
for the plate

Now technically Major Jones Spaceman 
had not had sex in a billion human years
and this made his call center
a kind of occupational hazard
he had to keep a major boner
Fortunately the baggy shorts style that prevailed
could conceal most of his penis
cause the shorts were so big

Jones Spacemen in his own time line
just yesterday
had banged ten space sluts in row
 a very competitive game
but in the old time line 
and this one
warrior's lamet
 like Genghis KHan
he never knew his sons
yet half the world got
 got the name

Down here on earth totally drained
and worked over even though he
was a billion years old
he struggled with the sixth cycle

He was really hooked on Vada
and then Raven moved
in on relief
and it was still 
all in his mind
because a billion years
ago he had the perfect
and she was for him
wiped out in the insect war
and every day he mourned
and nothing would every make
him happy again
that experience had left
him so warren.

There are drugs you
can take to escape life
and some to make 
you part of the MAN plan
but no matter what
we are aging
so choose your poision
carefully friends
cause life is a bloom
that is couragously 

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