Friday, July 17, 2015

Starbuk was an angel and 29 was a stopper

I am singing that love song again
You know my belle
I would change the universe
on its axis
making positive negative
and gravity just a
talking point thing
If I could capture
your heart again
and feel your
angel pulse beating against
my soul as well
together not quite sweaty
Some kind of glistening
I will always remember
your skin
Not meeting the threshold of wet
no a magical kind of moist
a mucous layer of love conformation
yet not by any means dry
It was some kind of CGI anomaly
that I saw with my loving eye.
Who do! Who do you want?
Who knows what the future brings
Who does I have to conceive
Like Jesus
to make you want to believe
That all my many bad decisions
were all given to make

the humanity succeed
but my goal was always
to give you more than I receive
I want you
cause my religion and resurrection
would be hell
if I was not putting
my mind into
yours as well
So BSG like
Starbuck arriving
on ancient earth
and not feeling well
she apparently went
to heaven
but me and my blu ray
went to hell.

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