Friday, July 17, 2015

Star Trek was cancelled by Communism

We can do it all today
we do not need no
stinking future
but why not?
Cause some rich ass holes

like living like Gods
and it admit it
we are wired that way
but the Star Trek system
which I believe
the educated will call
communism is the answer

Probe the people in the barrio

they are happier and more content
than those living in glass towers
on the top floor
with glass walls
and guilty conscience

Communism has never actually been tried

democracy has been
and it Germany it seems successful;
but with tech
it will be obsolete
so we will need a new model

1 comment:

Russell Duffy said...

Communism and capitalism are twins. They are the equivalent of Cane and Able. One cannot live without the other. Conceptually one desires a society controlled by centralised government the other a free market state; a neo-liberal laissez faire, right wing libertarian society controlled by excel spread sheets and the cold heart of commerce.

Neither work either in concept or practice. Capitalism has failed. It will continue to do so. Communism, as you rightly say, has never been tested yet still at his heart it is the coin toss other side of the child of Ava Rice and Inda Stry. It only exists whilst the other does.

The past shows us feudalism. It was overthrown as people disliked being slaves to Lords and landowners. The industrial revolution introduced mechanised production values. We are now serfs to the servile state. Now is the time to evolve to the next stage of living.