Friday, July 17, 2015

Going Global!

I apologise to everyone if I fucked up this message
but you should know one thing in this exchange
my message was from GOD!!

Global Love Think Tank
my first post
think tank cherry broke
what do the remains
look like
something non partisan
something from the heart
some kind of intelligence
that cant be measured
on a pie chart

Thinking about love
on a global scale
is scary science
way worse than economics
at least those parishioners
have word equations
upon which they can
love is an emotion
so far no scale
null established analytics
of push back
expect the opinion of the
mentally challenged doctors
who work on the fringes
of humanity
because although
every human who is self aware
thinks they are the crazy one
its not really true
we just understand the world
or get lost in consumptive irritation
 thinkaboot something bigger
than ones self
usually to no avail but
its a journey we are compelled
to make
and no one
can fake

The greatest quote about love
ever comes from the late great
and largely unlamented
genius Warren Zevon
Love you cant start it like a car
and you cant kill it with a gun
and that's the problem
with analytics
and measurement
that defines our life today
there is no place for love
in the calculation

Hate on the other hand
is factored in daily
with increasing scoops
of false news breaking
upon every shore
even those like the Japanese
who thought they had
build a barrier to the
but got Fukushima's
endless lifetime

Fact is fact and most people
do not realize what they know
as a matter of fact
its so easy to begin
so hard to end
its easy to destroy
so hard to build
its so easy to hate
and so hard to love

I love this mother fucking bad assed world
and I have seen most of its best parts
and a few of its toilets
and can never decide
who made the mess
and who should provide
three ply tissue
to the global single ply

Call me a fascist super state
socialist meritocracy supporter
but I love Singapore
and in the Global think tank love
scale of my imposition
they would come out number two
in any decision
if you wanted to raise people
from misery to Trump status
they would be number one

When my number come up
and I have lived this life
its not just a supposition
if I have to choose from my
polyglot passports and the kick backs
I get from being a citizen of the world

I am a Canadian
and my Canada contains  Quebec
there is no doubt in my mind
that the Anglos who rule the planet
have kept Quebec behind
because they could not speak
the language of diplomacy
let alone
 hear the amour

In my humble opinion
if I think tank love
I know Austria
is the best
but it may make
me a racist too
cause I love my people
and we have a system
if all is not in ordung
red flags all the day
and some fires
you can not put
out with social

Just want to qualify
Austrian are totally empathetic
and love the world more than the
Germans at least
its a culture the whole world
should embrace
In Austria if you loose
your loose change
it will come back
to you with interest

I can speak many languish poorly
but have learned that what they
say is as important as the swordsman
facing the word
if you want to defeat
or get laid

We have many think tanks in this world
very well funded and pushing us
to forget about the ozone layer
or anything relevant
to human survival
and still omnipotent
so are the Fraser Institute, Heritage fucks, American Prosperity Institute
and a billion other tax break mouth breathing mother fuckers of this planet
going for some long term plan
that culls the herd
they have been practicing
there for so many centaurs
they have grown weary
of humanity
and seek a final sustainable solution
where the head are essentially in jars
and the robots live
viciously tier one life on Mars
or skiing down the slopes of Everest
from the top
but what happens when they get bored
pedophilia and the lash
JJ captured this perfect
in Game of Thrones

Can we fight our biological DNA
that is the question I want to answer
at Global Love Think Tank
because I sincerely believe
we are what we eat
and we exist as we think

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