Monday, March 16, 2015

The Inspiration

The damn inspiration strikes on the lunch hour. Writing this on my IPhone in zero hours.

Truth be told I'm the beat of a rhyme.
But spoken adjectives and verbs are not composed within this rhyme.

So when the hunger strikes in the 23rd hour, I'll write anywhere even while the Meteors showers rain upon my parade, as my names Leonid the true meaning of fallen star, like a golden shower.

So now I make it true, these words have a backbone within you, they mean more than yesterday, but more now than ever before, depression sits within my view, the paradigm shifts without my understanding, so what do i do?

I sit motionless without the ocean less flow; angles cry, inside my mind. Do I choose Jesus Christ?

I don't believe, in a man who rose from the dead, but I believe in power beyond space and time, horizontal, vertical and mathematical, as science is a focal point from beginning to the end. Yes, they say Big Bang never occurred, so the universe has no beginning nor an end.

Why no beginning nor an end? It's our imagination running wild like pebbles- no metaphorical reaction in a sand, which sits still like our minds within time continuum.

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