Wednesday, October 8, 2014

▶ Naomi Klein Disagrees with James Hansen on Nuclear Power - YouTube

▶ Naomi Klein Disagrees with James Hansen on Nuclear Power - YouTube:

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opit said...

The worst part of 'nuclear power' is not foreseeable risks...but sabotaged designs.
Part V: From the United States Offering Iran Uranium Enrichment Technology to Suggestions for Creating Catastrophic Industrial Failure
Fukushima was part of a series of reactors funded by the World Bank. Both GE design engineers and construction contractor engineers quit over concerns for the storage of 'spent' fuel in an earthquake zone. US reactor designs are those for nuclear submarines. Siting - even and especially in the USA - is insane except if as designed destruction and catastrophe.
The crazy part is that climate change is inevitable - and natural. The IPCC can flog global carbon tax ( taxing the use of fire ! ) administrated by itself as much as it likes - and pay scientists to do research where results are fudged and parameters do not include reasonable possibilities or allow for limitations in both data and knowledge of process - for instance a recent article in Science Digest noted that CO 2 does not break down merely under photosynthesis - and a warmer world is associated with increased plant growth and more of that activity - but actually breaks down without intervention in the upper atmosphere.
Fraud is a proven result of such activity.
But the real stupidity is this : they want to represent that they can reliably predict the future - scientifically. :) Whatever happened to falsification ?