Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Break Time

Last night I dreamed I was abducted by aliens – little old grays, in fact. 

Lately, I've been been thinking a lot about how I sort of want to meet some aliens, and maybe talk with them about a diplomatic, friendly, and productive way to introduce them to the world. I think we could work out a way to live together, harmoniously and with respect for everyone’s free will, here on earth.  I think I'm the kind of person who should be involved in that movement, helping shape that type of partnership.  My mind was sort of whirling when I fell asleep.

It started with an impression, rather than an image. 

In the dark, perhaps somewhere in my house, I stand across from three aliens.  They look strange but feel familiar. I've seen this type of person before:  slightly shorter than me, wrinkled gray skin and big, imploring eyes.  They're grays.  The scientists.  I'm a little scared, but feel only an invitation and a warm welcome. I am relatively prepared for this.

In the next instant, I’m on a spaceship wearing a silver and white uniform. I sit at a long, comfortable, silver table in a classroom with a bunch of other humans. I don’t know any of them, but we’re all pleased to be there together. I feel like maybe we’re friends.  If not, I would like to become friends with them.  Each exude confidence, compassion, and a sense of leadership.

It’s break time. I head to the restroom, just for a chance to wander around. Instead, I reach a machine at the end of a hallway. It seamlessly protrudes from the wall over a neat little table. I peer into it and then become distracted: there’s a popcorn machine to my right! I love popcorn!

That’s going to make me thirsty. 

Oh! Here’s a strange fountain machine. Little screens demonstrate colors and hint at flavors I don’t recognize. Green . . . Gatorade thing?  The liquids all look like they come from plastic squeeze-bags, which grosses me out.

I want to taste them all before I decide. A squirt abruptly plops into a small cup, which is suddenly in my hand – why does this not startle me? and find that I don’t like any of the flavors. Finally, the word water appears, written in a barely legible black script. Perfect!

But there, on my left, is a coffee machine. Man, this is just what I want! There are two choices. One of the buttons actually has my name on it! Could it be that they somehow replicated exactly how I make my favorite cup of coffee? I have to try it. Dark and fragrant, it pours into my cup at a perfectly drinkable temperature. Fresh brewed. Mmm…

I look around for cream and sugar, but all I can see is a transparent square tube with a faintly blue button underneath. There is nothing printed on the button. I push it, and out plops a little brown bug! Right into my coffee cup! Ick!

On my left is a box of sugar. I think I glimpse heavy cream in the corner of my eye. 

I would like to remember this! I wonder what happens next! What were we talking about in that room? Everything is fuzzy, confusing, and sleepy. 

Late into the morning, I wake, slightly groggy. I stretch, feeling sore and tired. I close my eyes, breathing deeply and trying to remember my dreams.  Identifying symbols and interpreting them is habit I picked up years ago.   

My cat meows, sticks her fluffy little paw into my water glass, and splashes water onto my face.  It's time to get up. I head to the kitchen to ponder and plan how I will spend my day.

After drinking a glass of water, I open the cupboard and grab a bag of my favorite freshly ground organic coffee.

Only then do I remember my dream about aliens.

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Oberon said...'s great...maybe it wasn't a dream !