Thursday, March 13, 2014


It’s so much more than the ability to feel
The cold caress of snow across your cheek
That gentle tingle softly melting
Leaves a drop of water on your face, an imprint in your heart

More, even, than the scent of lilacs in the air
Wafting in warm clouds of summertime
A perfumed fairy dance
Blooming purple abundance behind closed eyes.

Your humanity is more than wide open eyes
Watching the sun set gloriously into the horizon
Coloring the sky with flames
Illuminating clouds and your imagination.

Birdsong in the morning, cricket chirps at night
Rustling autumn wind through reddened leaves
And water gently breaking on the shore
This sounds like our humanity; but it is something more.

Creating what is beautiful and loving what you see
That pull within your breast that says,
“Come and dance with me”

The moment one first falls in love,
Heart thumping loudly in your chest

And in our sorrow, grief, and loss
Gut-wrenching, the capability to feel
We wish for numbness, cry for help –
Even that is real.

It’s more than just our hands and feet, our eyes-mouth-ears-and-nose
More than what we feel today or how our spirit grows

Humanity is bundled up in something greater than this poem
Wrapped inside each one of us, it’s what defines our home.

BNB 3/13/14

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Oberon said...

...i love this one.