Saturday, January 25, 2014

the alien agenda

I have researched and studied the alien presence for 46 years. The early contactees of the 50's such as Adamski, Van Tassel, Menger, and Meier were contacted by alien groups who were here to offer us help. Their offer was rejected by our government and the military because they denied our requests for technology and required us to end war and destroy our atomic weapons. Other alien groups were then quick to offer the enticement of technology in exchange for certain privileges and a treaty emerged. In exchange for technology they would be granted secrecy and be allowed to abduct people for their own horrific purposes.

Through enticement and deception they have come to influence leaders of governments, militaries, religions and commercial industries. Through this influence they are getting our own people to implement their alien agenda on earth, and what is that agenda ? It is to stop the wholesale madness that is humanity, nearly everything we do is destructive, we poison the air the water the land, we use the ocean as our toilet, we kill and destroy everything we touch, it is the madness of mankind. We are destroying what they covet and use, this beautiful earth, and so, they have convinced our leaders that the only way to save humanity and this earth is to create a new world order. Their new world order.

We enjoy rights and liberty and freedom, and it is these very rights and liberties and freedoms that we use to destroy our planet. So an intervention has been imposed upon us aided by our own people who through enticement and deception have been convinced that our only salvation is through them. But this is the great deception. Their salvation comes at the cost of losing our rights and liberties and freedoms. You see, we alone could save ourselves, we alone could stop the madness, it would take a crisis to be sure and that crisis is coming, everyone can see it, but, and this is the most important part, we don't need them and their new order to do it, we don't need to lose our rights and liberties and freedoms to do it !

We could save ourselves and retain our rights and liberty and freedom. Their agenda is nearing completion, you have witnessed the slow erosion of our rights and liberties, you have witnessed the consolidation of power, you have witnessed the formation of a one world government. There are men who are convinced that they will be given the keys to the kingdom, but they will be slaves like the rest of us. When we destroy the earth to the degree that we can no longer support ourselves we will be dependent on them. There are others out there that do not want to see this happen, they are observing the situation, they bring hope and enlightenment. We must first educate the people to what is really going on, only then can we make informed decisions. The veil of secrecy works against us it is true but only together can we save ourselves, only together can we avoid this fate !

Humanity is not about to be invaded. Humanity is not in the middle of an invasion. Humanity has been invaded, and the invasion is nearly in it's final stages.

I am going to put two videos here for you to watch, the first one is a possible future, the second one is information for you to digest. I hope you see the wisdom in them.

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