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Fatal Flaws At "The People's Voice"

The People's Voice

“What is really going on at The People’s Voice TV ?”

 I am being asked over and over again, I didn’t really tell anyone I was working there as I had only gone in to help a friend who was being bullied there. However as I have now been outed by Chris Spivey’s article there is no hiding place for me.

"The People's Voice" is the brainchild of David Icke, who has been haranguing and harassing people for money to set up a "Free and independant media". As if people don't have enough pressure now we must pay David Icke for our "Freedom"

I first arrived to support the lovely Sonia Poulton, I had seen Sonia’s show and thought she was splendid, empowering people to tell their stories and empowering women with her courage. Sonia didn’t last, she was destabilised and isolated, her producer Richard Rowland boasted to me how he had deliberately upset her by constantly changing her running order whilst she was live on air. He told me he had decided that  “she would be out of here before I am” on his first day, and that she didn’t "respect" him enough.

Richard Rowland 

Mark Windows was to replace Sonia, I tried to stay loyal to The People’s Voice, not to be judgemental concerning the rudeness and unkindness to and about Sonia. I began to support Mark ignoring the fact that the man stunk to high heaven, clearly never washed and wore the same clothes day after day. We were to build the team, get to know what Mark was interested in, help him to settle in and get good stories for him. Difficult as Mark Windows is only interested in Mark Windows, but I persevered.

I got a great story from Ivan MacFaden who sailed from New South Wales to Osaka to San Fransisco, He tells of the desolation he found and the shock he felt comparing this trip to the same trip he had taken ten years before, I thought it would be great to help launch the show with such a relevant international story, Mark Windows and Richard Rowland agreed and I was instructed to call Ivan and make the necessary arrangements for the next day, This would mean Ivan, in Sydney would have to get up at 4.00 am, however a cheerful and laid back man agreed and having spoken to Ivan I knew the interview would be great as articulate as he was over the phone.

The next morning I reminded Richard Rowlands and Mark Windows about the story, sent them the relevant links and again agreed that it would been a good interview for Mark. It was a busy day as I was trying to arrange more interviews with Mark who only seemed interested in interviewing his mates from North London, Richard Rowland and I agreed this was a problem and I was finding more international, knowledgeable people for Mark to talk to. When I looked at the running order of the show the “Ocean is Broken” story was not there, They had simply forgotten about it. I asked them if I should call Ivan and apologize and they lied, telling me the story was never confirmed. That there was no video, forgetting that another volunteer had spent all day finding videos and pictures for the item.

I was shocked at such unprofessional behavior, and at the bare faced lie. I spoke to Liz Roberts the production manager about it and she just laughed

“It’s only television, Darling”

No, this was supposed to be much, much more than that wasn’t it?

However I persevered, finishing the day and going home, at home I Skyped someone that I thought would be great for The People’s Voice, knowledgeable, articulate and with many, many great contacts built up over years, all he wanted was to be properly credited for his work. He was watching Mark Windows Show, Mark was using notes that I had sent to Richard Rowland earlier in the day. I knew he was because they were printed out and I saw Mark reading the research notes.


Was the skype, oh no what could have happened now? I asked T what was wrong and he explained not only had Mark entirely missed the point and ballsed up a great story that needs to come out, but that they had not properly credited his research, I was mortified but not really surprised, I doubted I had been credited with any of my work either. 

However Plagiarism is really not my style and I knew I would have to pull Mark for his unprofessional behavior, arrogant and sexist as he is I really could not let this pass, I did not know enough when Sonia was treated so badly, I hugged her and supported her as she left the building, but why should everyone who comes into contact with The people’s voice be treated so unprofessionally and left hurt and embarrassed?

Mother Damnable Returned !

When I went in to The People’s Voice Studio the next day I challenged Mark Windows who told me he didn’t know anything about it, on HIS show, where no one else gets a look in? Richard admitted he had printed up the notes, how could he do other when I had emailed him the links at 11.12 that morning ? Liz Roberts called Mark Windows over and he told her that yes the notes were printed up, on the desk but no, he had not looked at them even once. As fucking if!

However what could I do?

 I still believed the People’s Voice was about Truth so again, I persevered. I had been told that Chris Spivey might be interested in being interviewed so told the team, they said “Great” though I could tell they didn’t even know who Chris is, which perturbed me as I really like Chris’ work, think his research is great and feel that having him on the show would be great for The People’s Voice.

A team member known to me as John began to tell us all that David Icke thought Chris was a “Loose cannon” and several more things. I asked John not to speak for David Icke and again was frozen out of the conversation. I was a bit worried but I knew that Chris Spivey is very well researched and even Mark Windows couldn’t balls that interview up… wrong I was!

After this disastrous week it was Richard’s birthday, so I decided to stay behind perhaps try a bit of bonding, I got into the spirit of the team, flattering Mark Windows ego, laughing at the “jokes” thinking The People’s Voice was important enough to make the effort for, however it was a step too far when Richard announced

“I’m fucking that tonight”

Referring to Jacqui Devoy, I was appalled that he would speak about anyone so, but Jacqui didn’t seem to mind, she just smiled. Later when I went to the smoking cupboard behind the kitchen I walked in on Jacqui in a clinch with another “team member! Yeah take one for the team Jacqui !

That in a nutshell is the problem:

“Media Whores” is a term frequently used by alternative media about Main Stream Media, the people who sold their souls to work mainstream, who learned to play nasty games, to shag anything just to get along. The People’s Voice is full of these people. They are still playing their games, but now they have volunteers and people who refuse to play these games to manipulate. People go into that environment, believing the hype, believing that truth will come out, that here will be honesty and respect. I have seen so many people hurt and humiliated at the People’s Voice, for no other reason than some stupid “Luvvie” is on another ego trip. I cannot allow myself to be silent when that is still going on.

There never was any need for that.

People ask where has all the money gone ? Lots of it has gone on these “Media Whores” the production teams all get paid. The Producer, editors and “Star” all get paid, get paid shedloads. David Icke gave “Media Whores” power over activists and truthers, he allowed the sell outs to manipulate the decent people, he gave the bullies power over gentle people, and they are taking full advantage. “Media Whores” Having learned their despicable trade in the much detested Main Stream Media are now corrupting The People’s Voice.

Does David Icke know? He is sick and tired, I was shocked when I saw David in the studio, he seems confused and unhappy, he has worked very hard, possibly he has followed bad advice, possibly he is being manipulated himself. He certainly is not in control of the day to day running of TPV, Sean and Liz are. He has removed himself from the studio, which has only served to give the “Media Whores” more room to manipulate and play stupid games. More and more alternative and Truther people hurt and confused every day. These people are leaving in their droves.

Should people send in hard earned money? Certainly not, not until this shambles is sorted out, to profess to be independent and alternative whilst giving X main stream media people money and power is, to say the least misguided and is a fatal flaw that will never produce the powerful voice that people had hoped for.

The station had deteriorated since Sonia Poulton was dispatched, no credible presenter has been found to replace her, Mark Windows refused to interview Bill Maloney from Pie and Mash films who very bravely revealed this incredible story last week, and offered to talk to the people’s voice

Obviously there is much more I could write, but I am holding back hoping that TPV will get their act together and stop hurting people, hoping that David will step up and take responsibility, be man enough to admit there are fatal flaws that only he can address. Stop the inequalities, stop the ego games, stop being a drain and a hurt to people.

Stop asking constantly for money to pay for this situation that is untenable and money that is used to pay main stream media people who are basically clueless about what is being attempted here.

Is this really The People’s Voice…..The voice of the people ?

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