Thursday, January 30, 2014

Children Tortured at Medomsley Detention Centre UK

For those of you that say the ritual child abuse does not go on, does not happen, or for those that still turn away and refuse to see here is shockingly the chilling true tale of how more than 143 people have come forward to tell Durham Police of the horrific sexual, mental and physical abuse that they suffered at MEDOMSLEY detention centre, since this BBC report this number has doubled.

“Boys at a detention centre asked other inmates to break their legs in order to be moved elsewhere and escape being abused by staff, a former detainee has claimed.” “Many of those sent to Medomsley were first-time offenders often detained for relatively minor offences.

Ray Poar was 17 when he was sent there for stealing biscuits from a factory and has waived his right to anonymity. He said: "It's always in my head, the shame, it's ruined my life, it's completely ruined it." On one occasion Mr Poar remembered being woken up after wetting his bed and being forced to bunny hop naked to the showers. He said: "When I couldn't make it to the showers I was kicked.

"We knew we couldn't turn around to them and complain to them about what had happened with Husband because they were part of it, they were the ones that were kicking us about every day. "The odd punch in the arm, the ribs, the back of the knees, every day they were doing it. You had nobody to talk to."

 In 2003, Newcastle Crown Court heard Husband used his position of authority at the centre to systematically abuse his victims from 1974 to 1984. He was jailed after being found guilty of 10 counts of indecent assault and one of a serious sexual offence after police said almost two dozen victims came forward.

One man who wished to remain anonymous said some of the worst violence he suffered was from fellow inmates but he alleges it was orchestrated by prison staff. He said: "They were telling you that you were worthless, that's why you were in there, you were no good, nobody wanted you. "I was in the dorm, I felt being kicked and punched and slapped. When I've tried to look up, because I was in bed, I saw a prison officer at the door smiling. "Then I realised he's put them up to this and I just curled up into a ball and took what they threw at us. I thought tonight it's my turn, it will be somebody else's tomorrow."

About 70 Durham Police detectives are working on the inquiry. Det Supt Paul Goundry described the reports as "horrific" and those who were sent there were faced with "what was effectively a brutal regime". "If you ended up in the kitchens you would almost certainly be raped and sexually assaulted," he said.

 If that is not systematic child abuse, I don’t know what is, how could this have gone on?

 People must have known, turned a blind eye and covered this up.

Everybody should take note that these brave men, are standing up for us all when they make their statements, standing up for all our children when they tell us of the sadistic torture that was inflicted on them when they were only children themselves.

It is up to us to listen, to stand with them and call with them for justice, for lives blighted before they began.

As Bill Maloney says we are all victims of this abuse, everyone in the world. We have a duty to do everything we can to stop any more children being raped, tortured and worse, by sadists who have been allowed to continue for years and years and years

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