Thursday, December 19, 2013



ancient clown said...


While i like Nietzche, this reveals more of a short-sighted, lack of understanding, than any real, in-depth thought to me.
The illusion of control as perceived by man, coupled with a distorted view of Justice without mercy.
In no way does it account for free will on Man's behalf, nor GOD's LOVE and Patience for Satan.
Perhaps Nietzche would have just killed his child if it killed a kitten by squeezing it too hard.
Or perhaps he never had children of his own, so had no real experience nor understanding as a parent, or maybe he was just a bad one.
Free Will is not just defined in our day to day decisions, but in our initial decision to find out who we really are in the eyes of our creator, not by what we've been lead to believe by those around us and ourselves and our fears.
Reflect Nietzche's statement back unto yourselves to see how he seeks to shift the blame.
"Any Man that does not control the devil is an accomplice and if he can't then he is no man."
I don't think i know, i just know i'm thinking...I've heard the ones that say; "I don't think...I KNOW!" To wit i must reply; "i don't think you know either, which is why i'll do my own thinking thank you."
your humble servant,
ancient clown

Oberon said...

...i hear your words...i see your logic...i control the devil.