Friday, February 22, 2013

The Perspective of Loss

There is something to say
At times like these
Something like “I’m so sorry
For your loss”
But “I’m so sorry”
Never seems to sum it up
Doesn’t touch the size
Of the pain
Or the scope
Of the void

The focus, you see,
At times like these,
Is on the sorrow
Of the Ones
Left Behind.

As it very well should be.

Those Ones Left Behind
Will never hear
Or see, or touch,
Or smell him again.
They don’t get to say
“I love you”
Or, “You make me so mad!”
Or anything, anymore.

And so we are sorry
For the loss,
For the pain,
For the void.
For his family,
His mother,
His Ones Left Behind.

. . .

What would he say
If we could hear him?
Something like, “Don’t cry for me,
I love you.”
Because he is free.
His joy is never-ending.
His soul is alive:
He dances,
He smiles,
He is light.

His focus, you see,
Has changed for good
It’s nothing but love
He breathes joy
He is Light.

And that is okay with me.

For Sean. 

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