Monday, January 28, 2013


- Recently saw tv about Spencer Wells' Genographic project, where he claims all human DNA came from east Africa. I'm cool with that; his presentation - the tv version at least - makes plenty good sense.
My pasty white German/Welsh ass is fundamentally African, and I am your cousin. Admitedly a few times removed but still, that sits cozy in my mind.
Of course you've got your critics, some of whom make sense; like scientists who say there's a problem or two with Wells' methodology, but also some indigenous folks who are scared of "biocolonialism," wtf that is; another who claims to be a scientist and says there's racism involved and in the same breath lambasts the sampling for including "some tribe from somewhere" and "a bunch of bozos from Tibet; my favorite 'critique' however is from those who cite the "evidence" of seeding by aliens in spaceships.
Well, around the same time I saw that show, I also had the great good fortune to witness the third episode of "Africa" on the Discovery Channel, which covered "Congo." The U.S. version narrated by (there could not be a better voice for this; I was mesmerized) Forest Whitaker. When we got to the part where they're showing us the forest 'breathing' clouds into the sky, and explaining that these clouds don't go elsewhere, they just rain right back down on the forest, then fill the streams and rush like floods into the rivers

...- I swear every chakra in my body started whirlin.' Not just the seven 'major' chakras, but ALL of 'em, clear down to my feet. It was like this...

I don't know nuttin.' When it comes to the world at large I'm kind of an 'impressionist.' This has just been one.

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