Friday, July 13, 2012

Fukushima A Human Error: A Must-Read Manga in English —

Dear everyone all over the world

We are the members of the citizens who want to stop the spread of radiation and toxic substance by “Burning” the contaminated debris(“Gareki”)from Tohoku earthquake.The 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster problems have not been solved yet, but the Japanese government proceeded to enforce the restart of Ooi nuclear power plant, which ignored the nuclear safety.(※1)
A large number of people protest this government’s decision “desperately”, but this voice never fell on deaf ears.On June 29, Friday night, over 10,000 demonstrators gathered outside Noda’s office on Friday night in last-ditch attempt to derail the restart.
Anti-nuclear campaigners accused the prime minister of rushing into a decision and ignoring lingering concerns over safety.
From the day, some of the major media started to concern this trend, but the government has totally ignored us.
The Japan gov’t controls the media. For example, The symbolic thing is the slogan of “Kizuna”(Bonding), but they use this “Kizuna” campaign as the big support for Tohoku area, and recommend the “Burning” of the debris all over Japan.They have even changed the law for this, explaining that burning the debris will be harmless, as the radiation and toxic substance is diluted.And Japanese mass media didn’t report about this.A lot of Japanese people have not realized about this risk.The polluted debris should not be burned anywhere, including Tohoku area.The local governments doesn’t convey the risk of burning the debris to the people precisely.
And they inspect to get the result of “Non-detection”, and keep telling the people that it is safe.Actually, burning the debris is not only harmful that also causes more work for the local gov’t in Tohoku.It doesn’t help Tohoku at all...
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