Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Criminals In Action

The carnage and mayhem committed by the criminal, unelected, unaccountable, woefully incompetent and ignorant C.I.A. on the rest of the world and, indeed, upon the American homeland itself defies belief, logic or common sense.

A crime committed behind closed doors, in secret is still a crime. The rest of the world trusted, lived their lives moved forwards but the C.I.A. has lied, cheated, stolen, in the name of American citizens, who are themselves being kept ignorant of the true nature of the United States of America.

What could have been a great country is now shamed and stumbling towards the abyss, citizens fighting and trampling others for $19 off a PlayStation, ignorant, or uncaring of the millions who have suffered and are suffering in their name, for their "freedom" to shop!

Culture, learning, art, beauty, truth all lost on people who don't want to know about the rest of the world, don't care about the children crying, even their own, it seems, every person just a commodity to be used and abused by capitalism, a system that has failed and is responsible for the failing, polluted world we now live in.

Come on you Yanks, stand up, be counted, don't put up with this any more, you cannot win any of the stupid, criminal wars you have started and most of you don't even know why your young people from poor families are being sent to murder other poor people from a different country.

STOP drinking the fluoride, stop eating the nasty food, remember you are human, people, no better or worse than anybody else, you don't have the right to kill others, tamper with other countries or believe you are the master race, face it you are a plague on the world, through the workings of your "democratic" government and everything they do is done in your name!

WAKEY WAKEY Yankie Doodle it's time to shine, be the light, be the change, write a letter, tell your friends, walk, march, be vocal, demand answers, you are not alone, the rest of the world wants this madness to stop, wants to fly through the night not hearing the children crying in their pain and grief, and perhaps, when you face these horrors, stand up for change and stop criminals murdering countless millions for your "security" the world will be kinder and gentler with you than you ever were with it.

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