Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I browsed around this blog, and the one with pictures by Oberon.

I hope I don't disappoint my host.

Nudity! Oh my, oh my.

I am a poor kid from downtown Mexico City. I never went to any nude anything there. The closest experience is having a free thinking father, that used to take baths with us kids. Two boys and two girls. I forgot when he stopped that, maybe I was six, I really don't remember. But one thing is for sure I was not raised as a prude like some kids in that huge megalopolis.

You may wonder how the city is. Today it is legal to adopt, no matter the sexual orientation of the parents.  The federal government, conservative, is calling that city regulation into question. Two political parties one in the left, and one in the right, are vying for power in the 2012 presidential election.

I went to study at Santa Barbara, California, when I was 23. More Mesa Beach was my introduction to that weird gringo habit of taking your clothes off in front of strangers. I absolutely did not.

Sometime earlier, or after, I forgot by now, a bunch of friends in a lark, male and female went skinny dipping to some swiming pool in campus. Kid stuff, I guess. I was fitting in, or something.

Since then I haven't taken any part in such so.

I respect people that do it, but I am not going to go out of my way to start organizing a group like that here at the edge of the "elites' territory" in Acapulco. I am in Chilpancingo, and I would be "different" if I start to promote such social practices.

I read, going into that photography and poetry site, that some people find it objectionable, to post photographs, like the ones Oberon chose to put there.

I don't. I am more concerned about a possible collapse of civilization, than More Mesa Beach types going around with their sexual organs in display.

I may try my hand on some poetry in English here, though. If you read Spanish, I have a site for that in:

I already have two followers there!

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