Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Have any Peace on today?

It seems like peace is becoming something that is fashionable, but not for the right reasons. Especially with products marketed towards young women, peace must be profitable. I see peace symbols on shoulder bags with a catchy peace slogan stitched next to it. I see peace emblems on necklaces, ear rings, and bracelets. I see it all over the place, but it's worn passively, as if it were just another brand to be slathered across merchandise.

Peace is something stronger than that. Merely placing it on bags and t-shirts seems to be degrading in a manner of speaking. I'm not trying to place a negative connotation on peace being fashionable, I just want it to be fashionable for the right reasons. The people who wear the merchandise don't often understand or care about the meaning of the symbol they wear. It's more of a lifestyle choice than it's being made out to be.

Peace is something that needs to be fought for (non-violently), not reduced to a stylish flare on a handbag being carted through the local shopping mall.

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