Saturday, May 30, 2009

True Self

We are divine.
Don't give in to the false ego.
We resonate with the frequencies around us.
It is the self that is the greatest threat to humanity.
You gotta be aware, you gotta be aware.
What we hate in others, is what we hate in ourselves.
Our abuse stems from such hate.
A subconscience release, passing of blame.
Find out your life, yourself.
Humanity as a collective is one organism.

Let us put away false ego
the bureaucracies that destroy,
then maybe something will get done.
Maybe a revolution of the mind will occur.
Maybe trusting in a falliable system was a bad idea.
Maybe being deceived by external influences
and even ourselves was a bad thing, wrong.
Maybe we can become one with our divinity.
Maybe the mistakes of our past can be recalled,
trashed and off the shelves and out of our homes,

Of true life
of true liberty
of true love
and of truth itself
will be my constitution
my existence
my humanity
my evolution
my kingdom,

for our sake

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Marcos Freitas said...

yeah! the very truth!

p.s. you're welcome, thanks for visiting!