Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hamas seizes food,medicine,and blankets

In Jerusalem hamas takes away supplies meant for people in Gaza, the hamas organization said they were taking the supplies because they may get to people not supportive of their terrorist organization, way to go shitheads you discovered another way for the world to hate you, i didn't think it was possible but you found a way. So how is this supposed to help your global image, and the people of Gaza's view of your organization, i mean come on we closed Guantanamo bay, can you wait at least a month before you piss us off again. Stop this inhumanity hamas and don't be such douche bags to people who don't support terrorism.


brinni for humanity said...

Your anger is misdirected. Hamas took the supplies because certain people - supporters of the Hamas movement - were not receiving much needed food, water, blankets, and bandages. Hamas is Gaza's military. Hamas are the only people standing up to Israel's unjust, illegal, terroristic imprisonment of the 1.4 million people on the Gaza strip. If you were trapped in a barbed wire fenced-in open prison with closed borders and little to no aid, would you not fight for your freedom? Would you not take up arms against a country that completely cut you off from the rest of the world and continues to choke the life out of your people? Would you not stand up and say, "This is not right, we are not standing for it, and we will fight to our deaths to regain our freedom" if America were suddenly surrounded by the Israeli army, no man woman or child was allowed to enter or leave the country, and no food, water, or other supplies were allowed in? Terrorism is the war of the poor, a wise man once said. Take pity, engage empathy, and, for the love of humanity, loosen your hold on misdirected anger toward a desperate people's brave army.

Mother Sharon Damnable said...

...engage empathy....

"We closed Guantanamo Bay..."


The disgrace is that Guantanamo bay was ever allowed to exist !

Man's unhumanity to man is the shame, is what we all have to live with and hate (your word!) towards others will not serve to help anything or anyone.

Tim said...

Well done brinni for humanity and Sharon. You both have a deep humanity which cuts across all boundaries. Let's see beyond all tags and labels whether they be sex, race, colour or creed. Missiles indiscriminately kill all before them. Coyote's contribution is full of anger and vitriol - sure signs of discrimination and of being extremely partisan. Humanitarian cuts across such naive side-taking!