Tuesday, December 30, 2008


.a thank you to Oberon for inviting me here.

.this finds me at a time where i feel i am on the edge of understanding.
since i was very young, in my crib, i have had an inner sense and connection
with nature and i've held a most tender heart.
i would hear the crickets chirping while i lay in my crib and i would think...
"this is how night sounds"

i am unfulfilled. there is something i have to do for humanity
and it isn't coming to me. i've known about it and told certain people
about it...but it evades me.
the little things i do, i hold to myself
i do these things on my own but it's not enough.

i don't know if i am supposed to wait for it to come to me
or if i am to seek it out.
i'm happy to be here, because i was found
and perhaps more inspiration will point me in the direction i need to be.

i have a fair vocabulary but i often find it difficult to express
feelings for which i can find no words
if some things i say make no sense, then i apologize.

love, amber


Oberon said...

....you make perfect sense...don't apologize for anything.

silverpen said...

If you continue to seek, your path will find you. In the meantime, continue to love...

Rafé said...

seeking seems the best...what if it never finds you, what if it needs help...

we won't know until it is found

CHM said...

so you are alive and awaken