Thursday, July 23, 2015

Water advice from a water warrior

Water can flow or it can crash 

Water runs from my eyes for those that have never swam the drunken seas with fists of furry
Great Lakes are great if you like waste ponds with great capacity
until they reach saturation
and catch  fiery
Venturi effects
consuming all the 

Water Water used to be everywhere
with no thought given
to getting a drink
now our most brilliant
minds are laser focused
on charging for something
so essential its more Mizi
than gohan

Corporations as people legally
live but never drink
and drive
or do anything to stay alive
so that puts the water
dependent people
struggling distinctly disadvantaged
with humanity shackles
that do not get profit
or air miles
if you do not get my 
point pretend your in a government sanctioned
brick and mortar prison
trying to stay healthy
or because you have some hope
you do not smoke
real persons like that
incarcerated by the corporate people
can trade fags
for real cash
or to escape
a sadomasonitic 
from a straight guy
who in prison
gets his wholes
because the corporate person
loves the punishment
cause it cost them nothing
this quarter
and we Corporate Citizens
have principles
fist one
give no quarter
no not a dime
or a nickel
we worship the nickel
on Bloomberg
big time

living on the Salton Sea
that's the Val Kilmer 
lifestyle furniture future 
Das ist enier gut doch
as it looks real dry
for you and me
pull up a beaten
woven lawn chair
crafted from polyester
and aluminum
today such a seat
belongs in the 
Gambatte Kud Ess Sigh

Desalination  snake eating 
diminishing Frank Luntz tale
its sustenance while it lasts
but you cant make a meal
out of salty water
there is no mainlining
saline solution
sucking chest wound
Sitrap Bravo Alpaha Zero
Mike Mike Mike
I am leaving for Civilization

East side west side
North side and places
in-between are suffering 
from extremes
to much or not enough
or both of the same
all at one time
Its water torture
DIck Cheney approved Climate Change

Fire is everywhere
flames making the air
so clear with smoke
that even the mouth breathers
are starting to choke
and finding God
in the foxhole 
they dug
but the foxhole
turns out to be the 
and that's a very big
A hole

A little bit pregnant that we are
you can not go back to that flat
stomach without giving birth
and its going to be a difficult birth
and many children will
and mothers
unfortunately the motherfuckers
have all decamped to New Zealand
or Canada
the worst of the bunch 
may hide in Russia
or Hokkaido


Steve said...

It sounds so pretentious, but really to me its nothing at all.
MIZU = water
Gambatte Kud eye sigh = keep you chin up
The German is just saying, good times not.
I never liked fags. In my youth this was true literraly and figuratly. Now days I work beside C jenner without pause. In my day fag meant cigerritte.

HF29 aka HH29 said...

Dick Cheney approving climate change is only #2492 on the list of evil things he's done

Steve said...

Thanks 29, and I mean that in a Wyomming way.

Steve said...

For the sheeple I say I cant quit you