Monday, September 18, 2017

You wont be seeing stars for free when the Man comes to town

thank you for the joy
the unbridled freedom
for those who choose
to watch in dark
streaming video
 every nick
and crick
of pixelized
the world
could offer
until the mind
was exhausted
and everything
that could be
seen was
and  moon
until the man
came to town
with lawyers
taking down
the existential
and like the blackman
Adam Lackman
is another victim
of extra judicial 
assault in the name
of copyright
while the digital 
peasants gather
on faceplant
and protest
the medium
thats the message
and the message
your sheeple
line up to be sheared
for your last

Lest we rest lets speak
of the whirlwind
in Tony Robbins
like vocabulary
its the hook
the lure
that tells
you he knows
your life
and therefore
how to solve
the whirlwind
is life
its messy
and deranged
and anyone
who survives
past forty
is a saint
Just a PSA
anyone who
talks to you
about the
is a fascist tornado
of thought control
that make humans
ants in a colony
thats doomed
to failure

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