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Why are there no heroes today ?

Because today all men are heroes.

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What makes life difficult when it should be simple is a sign

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I got a friend
he is a pirate
as a matter of a fact
he dont believe in copyright
or patents
says it was always
who should profit
forever for just
finding something
that always existed

Today he called
me hotter than hell
about the move
The Predator
he claims
its the truth
that why
its hard to find
on the dark net.

Now I think he full
of it\
but today I remembered
if JK Journier had not
been murdered
he would be
not to be Trumped

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A footnote in History

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James Mcord former CIA apparatchik dies unnoticed. Was he a member of the Kennedy clearing house? His secrets passed with him. What cant be hidden is what he was and what he did, but the WHY remains an enigma. Many speculate the Watergate burglary was nothing more than a coup against Nixon by the deep state.