Friday, September 29, 2017

Snow Mexicant Parley: Hillary invulnerable to molecular destruction

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With all the secret weapons
and advanced tech
the Soviet Spooks
have cooked up
none have been effective
at silencing Hillary
and her big lies
about her loss
as if Al Gore
did not
an inconvenient
the systems cooked
and your not a chef
the politburo
to handle the meals
and the wheels
and deals
that keep the wagons
running  with ships
sailing free
of every kind of
pirate attack

Today in toronton
the 416
the Drake place
the world calls
the sticks
or as they say in 
urban speak
yesterday day
Hillary appeared
and the people
came and saw
and wondered
just what kind
of truth chainsaw
is powering
that women
cause just like
Bill stepped out
and everyone hid
their eyes
she is popping the truth
like Sienfeldien Pez
filled with
custom made
sugar coated
tiny brick
big content

If sexist men and woman
turned against her
because she wears
a pantsuit
but still
she wins the popular
and gets more
votes than anyone
in History except
the Barack
how can one argue
she lost because she
is a woman
no she lost because
she was perceived
as a wall street back
stabbing whore
who would do anything
to win
and when it came
to conscience
we have Benghazi
as evidence
that nothing can
stop the machine
not even a movie
with a 13

Everyone on this earth
who can observe
should know the
Russian story
is like Gulliver s
travels in reverse
we see the 
secret media
and the deep state
tying down the monster
they are with 
every feint
and false story
a willing 

Every Russian
story line has
been shot down
no evidence exists
but still the big
lie travels the world
twice every day
before Putin
puts on his
two legs
at a time

America my neighbour
the mostly benevolent
because as much as you 
can go downtown
on the worlds policeman
there is a lot of good
the Yankees have brought
as Churchill said
when every stupid
is exhausted
the Americans will
do the right thing
and that's the truth

Trump is accelerating
this journey on the 
hyperlink of reality
that has been
powered by
20th century
lies that could
not cross the 
created by social
and the killing
of all the gatekeepers
so one has to think
to see what is the
product being sold
and do they want to buy
and be sold
or just hunker down
and wait for the world
to explode because
they no longer
play the game
of empires
when the sun
tells us we are
killing the 

The three truths
of today
are not universal
but they apply
to everyone
first if there is
a war look at the map
and find the pipeline
second if you can not
eat look to genetically 
modified foods
and the ancillary life
they create that
brings death
third every institution
has been destroyed
and like most 
crippled powers
choose a scorched
earth policy
to make 
sure history
has no chance
to record their
as insane

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